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Protecting Yourself From Accidents When Around Fires


When it comes to fires, there are a number of other situations in which you may come in contact with a bonfire, whether it be while camping, standing over the grill, or relaxing around a fire pit in your back yard. While they might serve a purpose, whether it’s to create a certain aesthetic, cook food, or provide warmth, it’s important to keep in mind that they’re as dangerous as they are beautiful or practical.

Not following certain precautions when around fires can not only result in you inadvertently setting a wildfire but endangering your home and yourself as well. When building a fire, employing necessary precautions to ensure that you’re positioning it safely is one of the most prudent steps you can take.

In attempting to do so, it’s important that you ensure that you place your fire pit at least 10 to 25 feet away from any structure or other yard and that you ensure there is no type of awning or tree branches hanging immediately above it either. It’s equally important to ensure that the fire is built on a non-flammable surface such as concrete as opposed to the grassy ground.

As for lighting the fire pit, this is one of the most dangerous times to be standing around as, if there’s wind blowing, anything within the trajectory of it can become potentially engulfed in flames. This is why it’s critical that you not light a fire if it’s overly windy. It’s equally important to avoid using lighter fluid, gasoline, or any other flammable liquid and instead of a commercial fire starter in an effort to protect yourself from potential harm.

To be safe, you should also ensure that a competent adult is near the fire at all times when in use and that no children nor pets are allowed to remain unattended around it. It’s also recommended that you don’t add extra fuel, garbage, softwoods like pine or cedar, or other potentially combustible materials into the fire. Having a bucket of water, fire extinguisher, or garden hose nearby at all times when the fire is burning is recommended as well.

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