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How Can I Prevent a Pedestrian Crash?

If you’ve ever been to a school with preschool-age children, you know how impulsive children can be. They might dart off and start running at a moment’s notice just because they saw something interesting across the street. This means that the caregivers of preschool children need to be careful.

Here’s what caregivers of young children need to be aware of:

  • Most preschool-age children who get into pedestrian crashes get hurt by cars in the vicinity of their homes. It often happens in their own driveways.
  • When the weather is fair and warm, child pedestrian accidents are more likely to happen. This might be because children are more likely to be outside and playing in good weather.
  • Young children always need to be supervised when they are outside playing near a roadway.
  • Preschoolers do not have the cognitive ability to cross the street without assistance. They need to be taught that they cannot cross the street without an adult or a child.who is older than 12.
  • When crossing the street, hold your preschooler’s hand.
  • Driveways are not playgrounds. Prevent your preschooler from ever playing in the driveway. If children are playing in the driveway, however, parents need to separate it from the road with a physical barrier.
  • Children need to be taught not to play around cars.
  • When teaching roadway safety to your preschoolers, always explain why it is so important.

California parents and caregivers of preschoolers can do a lot to keep their young children safe. However, if a car accident does injure a child pedestrian, parents may be able to assert their child’s legal right to financial restitution and justice by filing a child pedestrian accident lawsuit in civil court.

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