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Motorcycle Helmet Cameras Can Provide Critical Evidence


While the following story doesn’t deal with a motorcycle accident, it does detail an increasingly popular trend that all motorcyclists should follow. This is about motorcycle helmets that have video cameras on them or built into them, allowing the motorcyclist to review his or her ride and, most importantly, capture critical information about any accident that may involve them or, in this particular case, involve vehicles near them.

A couple of weeks ago, a motorcyclist noticed that a black Mercedes was driving erratically near him. The vehicle eventually passed this motorcyclist, but the Mercedes ended up hitting multiple cars in front of him. The motorcyclist’s helmet camera was running, and he captured critical information regarding the Mercedes and the accidents themselves.

Now, this is obviously a tremendous use for a motorcycle helmet camera. It holds drivers like this accountable at times when they probably don’t think they are on camera. Motorcycle helmet cameras can provide critical evidence to police officers after a wreck occurs.

But this is an even more important feature when the motorcyclist is involved in the crash. The motorcyclist’s video feed could show that another driver failed to recognize the motorcyclist out on the road, or that the driver of the other vehicle was negligent in some way, shape, or form.

If you ride a motorcycle, you should invest in a helmet camera that records all of your rides. It may be one of the most crucial pieces of evidence that you could have should you be unfortunately involved in a crash.

Source: ABC News, “Motorcyclist captures dramatic chase on helmet camera,” Enjoli Francis, Aug. 10, 2017