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Driver Enters Plea of Not Guilty in Accident That Killed 2

Approximately one year after two teenagers were killed in a Hacienda Heights car accident, the driver who caused the crash has pleaded not guilty. The 68-year-old man pleaded not guilty to both counts of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter.

According to police, the man was speeding in his Lexus when he lost control of his vehicle on an off-ramp. As a result, the car subsequently crashed into a Toyota truck, cutting it in half. As a result of the accident, the two people in the truck, both 18-years-old, were killed.

Despite the fact that cameras were not in the courtroom to record the action, one of the victim’s mothers had this to say:

“To see him and his family, and our kids are not here to live their life like they should, it’s just unfair.” According to an attorney for the man, he is not responsible for the accident. Instead, they are arguing that his vehicle accelerated uncontrollably, thus causing the accident.

At this time, Toyota, the parent company of Lexus, is working with investigators. However, family members of the victims question whether or not a vehicle defect was the actual cause of the accident.

Despite the fact that the man pleaded not guilty, he was still required to post bail. Along with this, he also had to give up his California driver’s license. For now, all parties involved are waiting for the next court hearing, scheduled for November 3.

This type of accident can be extremely difficult to sort out, as both parties have their own idea of what happened. Furthermore, there are questions as to whether or not a defective vehicle caused the crash.

If you find yourself dealing with such an accident, it’s important to know your rights in Los Angeles as well as all the parties that could be held responsible.

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