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Get Educated: What Should You Know About Severe Brain Injury?


Unfortunately, a significant number of California citizens suffer serious concussions and additional types of brain injuries each year. While medical research into the cause and effect of such injuries is ongoing, there is much still to learn about severe traumatic brain injury. However, organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, already have a lot of knowledge to offer about brain injury.

Over five million Americans suffer from a TBI-related condition. The consequences are far-reaching and include physical effects as well as lifestyle changes. In patients who were hospitalized following a TBI, nearly half still suffer from a related disability one year after the initial injury.

Some of the effects of severe traumatic brain injury include:

  • Impaired cognitive functioning affecting memory, attention and other cognitive abilities
  • Impaired motor functioning such as weakness in the extremities and loss of balance
  • Impaired sense-perception including loss of vision or hearing and touch perception
  • Emotional changes such as anxiety, depression and increased aggression

At this time, falls are the number one cause of TBI. Evidence from recent data indicates that TBI in children 4 years or younger and adults 75 years or older is on the rise. Motor vehicle accidents are responsible for the greatest percentage of TBI-related fatalities across all age groups at nearly 32 percent. The shaken baby syndrome causes TBI and is one of the leading causes of child abuse deaths in America.

As you can see, any injury to the head should never be taken lightly. Getting medical treatment as early as possible is critical and may prevent brain injury issues from worsening. If you are suffering from severe TBI due to another party’s negligence, you may benefit from meeting with a personal injury attorney. Together, you can determine the best way to seek compensation for your injuries.

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