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A Wrongful Death Action Can Bring Closure

The birth of a child should be a happy event, but sadly, some mothers and newborns die due to the misconduct of medical professionals during pregnancy and labor.

In those tragic instances, the legal professionals at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, may be able to assist Los Angeles residents with bringing a wrongful death action in order to recover damages. While it is small consolation in the face of such a tragedy, compensation that is awarded can help the survivors cope with the emotional, psychological and financial repercussions of the medical negligence that cost their loved one his or her life.

It can be exceedingly difficult for survivors to move on after a mother dies giving birth. Surviving children and spouses often need therapy to come to terms with their loss. We can help recover the funds that will pay for that therapy. In cases where the mother was also a breadwinner for the family, our attorneys can seek recovery for the lost future income.

Our wrongful death lawyers are compassionate and understand that no amount of money will ever be sufficient to take the place of a beloved mother to her husband, children, and other family members. However, some grieving families find a modicum of comfort in seeking civil justice through the courts. Seeing that the person responsible for the loss of your loved one is held accountable in a court of law can sometimes help survivors find closure after a devastating loss.

Wrongful death cases must be filed in a timely manner in order to avoid the case proscribing due to the statute of limitations running out. Our attorneys will move quickly to preserve all of your future rights to seek compensation.