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Take Precautions so That Your Holiday Doesn’t Go up in Flames


With the holiday season in full swing, now is the time to remember that taking safety precautions to prevent burns has to be a top priority. Burns are more prevalent during the holidays for a number of reasons, many of which can be avoided.

Some of the causes of burns during this time of year revolve around the Christmas tree. Putting up a live tree means that you are going to have to remember to keep it watered. A dry tree that has lights on it might ignite.

Speaking of lights, those also pose a burn risk. You should avoid overloaded extension cords. Additionally, you should check for frayed wires and broken sockets before you put lights up. Any strands that are damaged should be discarded to avoid a dangerous situation.

Another factor that can lead to burns is cooking. Underestimating the temperature of a dish can lead to contact burns on the hands. Failing to ensure that a turkey is thawed before trying to fry it can lead to burn injuries. Overfilling pots or fryers with oil can also lead to a hazardous situation.

Fireplaces, candles and other live flame sources are also burning risks. These must be properly attended. As you are cleaning up after opening gifts, don’t toss the wrapping paper into the fireplace. Wrapping paper isn’t a safe addition because it can combust quickly.

Even if you take proper precautions during the holiday season, other people might not. If you are burned during this season and the fault is someone else’s, you might choose to seek compensation for your injuries. This could help you to recover damages like missed wages or money you paid out for medical care.

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