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Dealing With Aggressive Behaviors After a Head Injury


California residents may be aware that a serious head injury can result in serious changes in behavior. Some of those behaviors may be aggressive in nature, so it is important that those who are suffering from head injuries — and family members and friends who are close to those individuals — have strategies for dealing with the behavior changes effectively, particularly when those behavior changes are aggressive in nature.

Here are a few things that can be done in the face aggressive behavior caused by a head injury:

  • Stay as calm as possible and ignore the behavior.
  • Try to agree with the individual, which can serve to change his or her behavior by avoiding an argument. Show an increased amount of compassion, affection, and support in order to soothe the underlying frustrations behind the aggressive behavior.
  • Show the individual that his or her feelings are legitimate and validate his or her emotions. Losing one’s cognitive abilities reasonably can provoke anger in an individual, so it is important to recognize and validate that anger as appropriate.
  • Instead of confronting and challenging the person, negotiate with him or her about possible solutions that everyone can agree to.
  • Give the individual alternative methods for expressing his or her anger, like using a punching bag or making a list of complaints.
  • Give the person a sense that he or she is more in control by asking if there is anything that can be done to make the individual feel better.
  • Seek support as a caregiver. Professional counselors, support groups, and even law enforcement personnel may be able to provide a better sense of safety and psychological grounding to those who are having to care for head injury patients.

Los Angeles residents who have suffered head injuries may be able to seek financial compensation from those responsible for causing their injuries. Although every personal injury claim of this type is different and must be evaluated on its own merits, when such a case is successfully navigated, it could provide a way for victims and their family members to pay for much-needed medical services and support.

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