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Brain Injury Victim Graduates High School With Honors


When most Los Angeles residents think of a brain injury, they think of a debilitating condition that will prevent them from achieving their goals in life. However, for one particular teenager, a traumatic brain injury was not enough to prevent her from graduating high school with honors.

Last April, a car struck the girl while she was walking with her brother on a sidewalk. The severe brain damage she suffered caused her to miss her last semester of high school. Only six weeks after the accident, she was able to walk without assistance to her graduation ceremony. However, a science teacher from the high school, who knew the girl since she was a small child, walked her down the aisle since she is still struggling with her brain injuries.

A month and a half ago, it was a different story and the high school senior was not able to breathe on her own. Now, she can talk and walk, but she still has a lot of recoveries to do, and her father says that her graduation ceremony is only a first step. He hopes that she will be able to attend college next year as she planned.

If a vehicle flies off the roadway and hurts a pedestrian, the injured victim will likely want to investigate why the accident occurred. If it is determined that the accident was another party’s fault, that party may be financially liable for damages associated with the pedestrian’s injuries.

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