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GM Recalls and Bankruptcy: A Compilation


As we’ve recently mentioned, General Motors (GM) continues to be in the news for issues related to its bankruptcy and recall lawsuits. We’ve blogged on these issues many times during the past few years; in this post, you will find a compilation of some of our most recent and most viewed posts on GM-related topics.

GM Bankruptcy Protection

  • General Motors Seeks Protection From Recall Lawsuits: GM has asserted that its 2009 bankruptcy shields it from any liability related to injuries caused by recalled vehicles manufactured before the bankruptcy was complete.
  • Should GM Lose Its Bankruptcy Shield, Its Auto Defect Liability Will Balloon: A discussion of how GM would be affected if it lost the “bankruptcy shield” that was put in place following the company’s filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009.
  • State Of Arizona Sues The New General Motors Over Vehicle Defects: In 2014, Arizona joined the list of parties to have sued GM and sought to pierce its bankruptcy shield.
  • GM Ignition Switch Lawsuits Consolidated In Manhattan: An update on the procedural aspects of the GM ignition switch recall lawsuit, and a discussion of how the bankruptcy court is involved.

Recalls and Defective Auto Parts

  • GM Announces Another Recall Amid Consumer Outrage: A review of the recall of 1.3 million vehicles that the company announced in March 2013. The video included in the post.
  • Faulty GM Ignition Switch Just One Of ‘Array Of Concealed Defects’: A look at the situation surrounding the GM ignition switch lawsuit.
  • General Motors Under Fire For Approving Defective Ignition Switches: A House of Representatives Energy and Commerce memo – part of a congressional investigation – is discussed in this blog entry. The video included in the post.
  • GM Investigation: Bloat & Incompetence, But No Cover-Up: An assessment of a federal investigation that looked into why GM waited a decade to recall more than 2.5 million defective vehicles.
  • General Motors Issues A Recall Of 778,000 Cars: A faulty engine switch could cause these vehicles to shut off without warning.
  • GM Recall Is Incomplete, Reporters Say: Analyzing a report that more than 650,000 vehicles were not a part of the ignition switch recall, even though they should have been included.