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GM Bankruptcy and Recall Continue to Make Headlines


GM’s bankruptcy continues to make headlines nearly six years after its completion. Recently, GM’s creditors won a challenge to nearly $1.5 billion, which was previously classified as a secured loan but has now been ruled an unsecured debt that can be collected.

We’ve previously blogged on this topic, as it involves both defective products and auto accidents that have led to life-altering injuries. We have been closely following the GM case for many years, and our attorneys have even written about the impact that GM’s bankruptcy has had on consumers.

For more information on the GM bankruptcy, review the blog entry linked below, and read the article “General Motors Bankrupcy 2.0: Lessons Learned” by Greene Broillet & Wheeler partner Christine Spagnoli.

General Motors Seeks Protection From Recall Lawsuits

This post, originally added to our blog on April 22, 2014, covers the basics of the current dispute. It also provides an explanation of “New GM” and “Old GM,” terms you may have read in stories discussing GM-related cases.