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Don’t Play With Fireworks on New Year’s Eve


One of the most common days of the year for private individuals to shoot off fireworks is New Year’s Eve. People use fireworks to celebrate the beginning of the new year, with all its hopes and promise, and the end of the old year, with all its sorrows and disappointments. People should be aware, however, that playing with fireworks without proper safety precautions is dangerous.

Fireworks, after all, are explosive devices. They shoot hot material that can burn no matter what color it is. For that reason, it is critical to take safety precautions.

The first one is to not let young children handle them at all. Young children don’t have the discernment to get away from dangerous fireworks, so their parents must protect them from the harm that fireworks can cause. If one parent insists on shooting fireworks, the other parent can keep the kids far away from where that is happening.

Fireworks should always be supervised. This applies to when they are being used but also applies to when they are being stored. One curious child unwrapping a firework can result in serious injury, lifelong scarring and possibly even death.

Fireworks should only be bought from reputable sellers in complete accordance with the laws of your state. Those laws govern what you can buy when you can buy it and how you can use it. It is a good idea to become aware of those laws to avoid running afoul of them.

If you do buy fireworks, adhere to all safety standards like only lighting one at a time and dousing used ones in lots of water. These tips can help to keep your family safe, though, there are many other precautions to be taken, and all of them are important.

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