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LA Tour Bus Crashes Outside of Tulare

A Los Angeles tour bus crashed in the Central Valley on Monday, injuring over a dozen people. KABC-TV reports that 15 of the 35 riders on the Fronteras Del Norte tour bus were injured. The other 17 people on the bus reported minor injuries and refused to be treated at the scene.

The accident happened when a semi-truck made an abrupt stop on Highway 99 just before midnight and was rear-ended by the tour bus. It is unknown why the truck suddenly stopped or whether the tour bus driver was speeding.

The semi-truck driver was treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital and the investigation into the crash is still ongoing.

Tour bus operators have a heightened duty of care as “common carriers.” Other common carriers are companies like taxis and airlines who transport goods and people.

Common carriers are liable for any damages that arise out of their transport of people and goods. This means that the tour bus company and the owner of the semi-truck could be liable for the injuries of the tour bus passengers depending on who is at fault for the accident.

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