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More Dangers From Holiday Lights, but Not What You’d Expect


We’ve previously blogged about the dangers that holiday lights can pose when they cause burn injuries or electrocution. Recently, though, holiday lights were a part of a serious accident in which they were not the main cause of the resulting injuries.

The L.A. Times notes that a man who was suspected of driving under the influence and who did not have a valid license on file crashed into two parked cars and hit 13 bystanders. This sounds like a fairly straightforward car accident situation, so how does it relate to holiday light injuries? All of the injured pedestrians were looking at a residential Christmas light display at the time of the accident.

These pedestrians were standing on a sidewalk in Alhambra (near the intersection of Poplar Boulevard and Fremont Avenue) while viewing the neighborhood lights. The area is well-known for the intricate displays that appear every year and is an area where it would be prudent to exercise additional caution while driving, especially at night.

Despite this, the driver allegedly crossed the yellow lines before colliding with the parked vehicles and the helpless pedestrians. Following the accident, 11 people were transported to a nearby hospital. One day after the accident, all of the injured parties are expected to survive, but one of the pedestrians remained in intensive care.

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