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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014: Part One


At Greene Broillet & Wheeler, we take time at the end of each December to reflect on the previous year and prepare ourselves for the challenges and opportunities that the new year will bring.

In the spirit of this review process, we have compiled a list of the Top 10 most popular posts that appeared on our blog in 2014. The top five entries on that list are shown below.

Most Popular Blog Posts of 2014 (Top Five)

  1. Avoidable Injuries: Motorcycle Safety in Southern California: We examine a variety of motorcycle crashes, review the statistics regarding motorcycle accidents, and look at the equipment that is recommended in order to reduce crash injuries.
  2. Olivia Culbreath’s Arraignment Postponed Due to Her Injuries: Discussing the delay in the arraignment of DUI suspect Olivia Culbreath – post includes video from a news story broadcast by KTLA in Los Angeles.
  3. There’s Hope: Our Favorite Spinal Cord Injury Resources: This post tells the story of Andrew Skinner, an accident victim who suffered a spinal cord injury. He subsequently started the Triumph Foundation, a group that advocates for spinal injury victims. The post also provides a list of useful resources and discusses some of our firm’s notable spinal injury cases.
  4. Several Students Killed in Orland Bus Accident: In addition to discussing the April 10 accident where a FedEx truck collided with a charter bus full of high school students, this post contains a KTVU news report and another video related to the accident.
  5. Greene Broillet for Autism Speaks: As a part of our commitment to helping many organizations that aid our community, this post provides visibility for the 2014 Walk Now For Autism Speaks event that was held in Pasadena, California.

Later this week we will reveal the final five posts in our top 10. Come back to see which posts made the cut, and to read more about the compelling stories that arose in 2014.