Pediatricians Say Home Trampolines Too Risky for Injury

The American Academy of Pediatrics has strongly advised against trampoline use at home. In an article published this week in the journal, “Pediatrics,” the authors recommended that parents prohibit their kids from using home trampolines because of the risk for serious injury. If trampolines are used, it should only be in a structured program with active supervision by adults or coaches.

Children and young people can suffer injuries when using trampolines with little supervision or at the same time as other youngsters. According to the Los Angeles Times, about 75 percent of all injuries occur when more than one person is bouncing on a trampoline at a time. In 2009, about 98,000 injuries occurred through trampoline use. Most of these injuries were soft-tissue injuries, sprains, and bruises. Of these injuries, 3,100 were serious enough to require hospitalization.

Since competitive trampoline was viewed this summer during the London Olympics, kids may be clamoring to join in the sport. If trampolines are used at home, the way to keep kids safest is to have adults actively supervise the activity. In addition, the padding on frames and springs can lower the risk of serious injury. Keeping ladders away from trampolines will also help to lessen the chance that a young child will climb up on the trampoline.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Pediatricians say home trampolines too risky,” Mary MacVean, Sept. 25, 2012
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