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Honda Expands Recalls


Honda has expanded a recall from last March. According to the Los Angeles Times, the recall now includes 820,000 Civic sedans of model years 2002 and 2003 and Pilot SUVs of the model year 2004 and 2005. The recall affects cars in the U.S.

The recall involves a potential problem with the vehicles’ headlight wiring system. There is a problem with the headlight wiring system that could cause some low-beam headlights to malfunction. Obviously, if the headlights do not work or stop working, a car accident could result because a driver would have reduced visibility as well as reduced ability to be seen by other drivers. The headlight problem has not yet caused any car accidents or injuries, according to Honda.

This recall is an expansion of a recall last spring. Last March, the headlight wiring system problem resulted in the recall of 550,000 CR-V small SUVs of model years 2002 through 2004 and Pilot SUVs from the model year 2003. A driver’s Honda dealership will inspect and fix the headlight wiring system if problems are present.

Honda also said this week that it would expand a different recall that involves leaking power steering hoses. The leak could cause a fire in the car. The recall originally involved Acura TL sedans, but Honda expanded it this week to include 572,000 Accord V6 of model years 2003-2007. The recall of the Accord is delayed, however, until early 2013 because parts aren’t yet available to fix the issue. If a driver smells what they think may be the odor of leaking power steering fluid, the driver should visit their dealership for an interim repair, until a more permanent repair is available.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Honda recalls 820,000 Civic sedans and Pilot sport-utility vehicles,” Jerry Hirsch, Oct. 4, 2012