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Flashlights Recalled After Causing Burns


An injury that is caused by burning or scalding can be one of the most painful injuries. A burn can be very damaging to the skin and, in more serious cases, muscles and blood vessels. Even minor burns can cause long-term effects. Burn injuries that are sustained after using a defective product can be very dangerous.

Many California shoppers unknowingly picked up a hazardous product when shopping at Target in the past few months. The product, officials say, has caused a number of burns. Target has since recalled the dangerous product.

The product that triggered the recall is a six-piece set of flashlights of varying sizes. People are being warned that when the flashlights are turned on, they can heat up, smoke and melt certain materials. There have been two reports of the product burning consumers’ hands and are considered to be fire hazards.

It has not been specified what exactly triggers the burns, but the product is made out of plastic and rubber. These types of materials can melt and burn quite easily without proper protection.

Target agreed to recall about 55,000 of the defective items and will provide a full refund for anyone who returns them to a store. They were sold exclusively at Target stores around the country.

A person who suffers a burn injury may require several reconstructive surgeries to repair the damage and may need cosmetic surgery as well. Scars that are the result of burns often last a lifetime. Someone who has experienced a chemical, electrical, thermal or other types of burn as a result of using a substandard product may be able to seek compensation for the damage.

Source: KABC-TV, “Target recalls 6-piece LED flashlight sets due to fire hazards,” Jan. 6, 2012