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Defective Cars Increase Chance of Crash, 450,000 Recalled


Driving a car that has faulty or malfunctioning parts can put a California driver at risk of getting in a car accident. According to the National Safety Council, there have been 2.4 million disabling injuries and 44,700 deaths caused by a motor vehicle accident in the country.

Because motor vehicles have several parts, there are a number of details that must be overseen. There are some situations in which a manufacturer will cut corners and use defective or substandard materials in order to save time and money. In these cases, car companies frequently need to issue recalls of cars to correct mistakes that have been made by the manufacturer. If mistakes are not corrected, the results could be tragic.

Most recently, Ford recalled 450,000 SUVs and minivans. Ford Escape SUVs, Ford Freestar, and Mercury Monterey minivans are among those affected. The company states that there are potential flaws that may lead to brake fluid leaks or loss of power.

In regards to the brake fluid, a leak could damage wiring for the antilock brake system. This could ultimately lead to a car fire that could cause harm to anyone in the car or other drivers near the vehicle. In some of the minivans, a bad torque converter affects the engine which, according to experts, increases the likelihood of getting in an accident.

A shortage of these parts is leading to some issues repairing affected vehicles. Owners are instructed to keep vehicles parked outside until the necessary parts are available.

There are many mistakes that are made and ignored in the automotive industry. Not all companies catch these errors or issue a recall, and drivers suffer as a result of this negligence. They need to be held liable for any injuries that these defects can cause.

Source: Reuters, “Ford recalls 450,000 minivans, SUVs for defects,” Jan. 11, 2012