Spinal Cord Injuries Case Results

Lattanzi v City of Los Angeles Settlement during trial: $6.7 Million

Premises Liability case involving a bicycle rider who fell over an unguarded curb and retaining wall when he stopped to rest. Mr. Lattanzi sustained injuries resulting in paraplegia.

Weidenaar v State of California Settlement $9 Million

Highway Design case involving failure to adequately guard center median "drop-off" area, resulting in spinal cord injuries to 33 year old man.

Mathews v. Goodyear Confidential Settlement

Brian Mathews, a former LAPD bomb squad officer, was injured in a crash involving his GM Suburban after the failure of a Goodyear Load Range E tire. The tread on the Goodyear tire separated, causing a loss of control and rollover. Mathews was ejected from the vehicle and suffered a spinal cord injury and is now a paraplegic. Discovery on the case led to a defect investigation by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration into the Goodyear LRE tires and the company voluntarily recalled many LRE tires.

Rapan v. Dorel Juvenile Group, Cosco and Daimler Chrysler Confidential Settlement

Settlement obtained on behalf of a child who suffered a devastating spinal cord injury. Two-and-a-half-year-old Isaiah Rapan was injured in a crash while secured in a Cosco Grand Explorer shield booster seat in the rear seat of his parent's Jeep Cherokee. GB&W attorneys established that the booster seat and the Jeep car seat were poorly designed and caused Isaiah's injuries.

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