Personal Injury Case Results

Garay v. Flynn Settlement: $5.5 million

Motorcycle lost traction when it encountered roadway which was flooded due to improper pumping of hotel pool water onto the street. 32 year old woman sustained brain injury.

Doe v. Doe Judgment: $20.7 million

Sexual Assault of college student.

Torchia v LA County Metropolitan Transportation Settlement: $1.9 million

MTA Bus sideswiped motorcycle causing clutch handle to break off resulting in collision which caused orthopedic injuries to 50 year old male.

Griggs v. West-Pac Industries and Tools Exchange Verdict: $58 million

Christine Spagnoli was an integral member of the trial team which obtained a verdict for a male worker who suffered severe burn injuries caused by a defective O-ring. Largest single plaintiff's personal injury verdict in California. Jury also awarded a record $48 million in non-economic compensatory damages.

Doe Individual v. Doe Defendant Settlement: $32.5 million

Passenger in vehicle which was struck by another vehicle causing catastrophic intestinal injuries including loss of function of most of the digestive track.

Ogden v. Hamm Brothers Construction Verdict: $6.4 million

Brain injury sustained by 17-year-old motorcycle passenger when the motorcycle struck a concrete barrier left alongside traffic lane by construction crew.

McGee v. The City of Alameda Settlement $25 million

Construction worker hit an underground energized electrical line while using a drill at a construction site, causing him severe electrical injuries that resulted in third degree burns to over 20 percent of his body, limb amputations and brain damage.

Ricks v. Pharaoh's Lost Kingdom Amusement Park Binding Arbitration: $4.9 million

Personal injury on a Ferris wheel amusement park ride.

Ralph v. Singapore Airlines Confidential Settlement

David Ralph was a passenger on Singapore Airline's Flight SQ006 which crashed when the pilot used the wrong runway attempting to depart for Los Angeles, CA from the Chiang Kai Shek International Airport in October 2000. Mr. Ralph suffered severe injuries, including massive burns and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Hodges v. State of California Settlement: $3.5 million

A father and his two sons sustained severe spinal and multiple injuries as a result of a multi-vehicle automobile accident caused by a drunken off-duty CHP officer returning from a CHP party.

Doe Individual v. Doe Company Settlement: $3 million

Industrial accident involving a brake failure on a loader causing orthopedic injuries to the victim.

Doe Individual v. Doe individual Settlement: $2.45 million

Route driver struck individual in unmarked crosswalk. Plaintiff suffered orthopedic injuries.

Maxcy v. Home Depot Verdict: $2.3 million

Man struck by electric pallet jack driven by Home Depot employee while unloading truck at store. Damage sustained exacerbated prior lower back injury.

Doe Individual v. Doe Celebrity Settlement: $2.1 million

Celebrity driver struck woman in crosswalk causing orthopedic and closed head injuries.

Mazariego v. Standard Brands Settlement: $1.5 million

An employee of the defendant advised plaintiff to use gasoline to remove tile adhesive from her kitchen floor. After following employee's advice, gasoline fumes ignited, resulting in severe burn injuries for the plaintiff.

Doe Individual v. Doe Restaurant Settlement: $1 million

Woman who was allergic to nut products suffered a strong reaction after the restaurant provided food that contained nut products.

Juarez v. Superior Court Verdict upheld

California Supreme Court upheld original case verdict in favor of plaintiff, a worker who lost his finger in a machine accident. At issue in the appeal was the ability of any nine jurors to agree on each issue presented, not the same nine on each issue. The law remains to this day.

Rosen v. McDonald's Confidential Settlement

Woman suffered third degree burns from hot coffee that spilled in her lap at a McDonald's drive-through.

Crawford v MGM Confidential Settlement

Performer Michael Crawford was starring in the EFX show in Las Vegas when safety devices failed. Mr. Crawford was injured and required hip replacement surgery.

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