Injury & Wrongful Death Case Results

Burn Injuries

Burns and electrical injuries can be severe -- in some cases, even fatal. We have helped many victims of these injuries secure 7-figure settlements and trial verdicts for the pain and harm they have suffered.

Child Injuries

Children are vulnerable and deserve to be protected. When individuals and corporations fail in their duty to protect children's safety, we are there to pursue justice. We have helped many children and their families pursue compensation to recover from injuries and secure the happiest, healthiest future possible.


Disability benefit programs like Social Security and ERISA are in place to take care of people who are unable to work because of a disability. We help those who have been unfairly denied disability benefits not only get what they are entitled, but pursue additional compensation for the provider's wrongdoing.

Head Injuries

Head injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents, dangerous properly conditions, defective products and other types of injury claims. Whatever the cause, we are prepared to fight tirelessly for the victims of head injuries. So far, our efforts have yielded tens of millions of dollars for clients and their families.

Industrial Injuries

Accidents and injuries on industrial sites can be very serious, and the resulting litigation is often highly complex. Our attorneys have the skills, reputation and history of results to maximize the compensation available to injured workers.

Personal Injuries

Our clients include people who are hurt in motor vehicle accidents, on the job and on unsafe property. Whether a case is worth several thousand dollars or many millions, we are here to help plaintiffs understand their rights and pursue the compensation they deserve.

Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal injuries can include debilitating pain, impaired movement and paralysis. People who have experienced these injuries need a trusted trial team to advance their interests and pursue every dollar they will need for future medical expenses. Learn more about our results.

Wrongful Death

Nothing can take away the pain of losing a loved one, but an effective wrongful death claim can help you hold the responsible party accountable. Our successes in wrongful death cases have provided many survivors with the compensation they need.

Tire Defects

Defective tires can cause severe motor vehicle accidents. When they do, we use our experience and resources to thoroughly investigate and hold the responsible manufacturer responsible.

Product Liability & Negligence

Dangerous products can cause injury at any time. We have represented workers, drivers, children and others who have been hurt by defective products and corporate negligence.

Defective Products

We have secured substantial results for people injured by defective products as well as those who have lost loved ones.

Workplace Injuries

Workplace injuries can affect virtually any employee, from a part-time restaurant employee to an office worker to a construction or manufacturing professional. We have helped countless workers seek financial compensation after life-altering injuries.

Passion for Change

Our passion stems from the impact we make in our communities.  We understand that our clients not only seek compensation, but also want to ensure others don’t have to have their experience.  Our litigation impacts change by making crosswalks safer for children, roads safer for bicyclists, cars safer to drive on, machinery safer for workers, safer communities.

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