Business Litigation Case Results

Business Litigation Case Results

Doe Company v. Doe Law Firm Verdict: $45.6 million

Legal malpractice, fraud and breach of fiduciary duty case involving concealment of conflict of interest in real estate transaction. Confidential settlement reached before punitive damage phase.

Humanicom v. National Capital Total Judgment: $11.3 million

Breach of contract and fraud by an investment group.

Burton v. Oscar de la Hoya Confidential Settlement

Action relating to claims that defendants improperly used plaintiff's idea and concept for a reality boxing television show to create "The Next Great Champ."

Binkow v. Osbourne Confidential Settlement

Action relating to claims that defendants improperly used plaintiff's idea and concept for the reality television series "The Osbournes."

Bethea v Burnett Confidential Settlement

Action relating to claims that defendants improperly used plaintiff's idea and concept for the reality television series "The Apprentice."

Doe Company v. Doe Bank Settlement $3.7 million

breach of contract action involving a loan origination company and a bank.

Doe Individuals v. Doe Law Firm Settlement: $3 million

Legal malpractice action involving violation of statute of limitations on an underlying wrongful termination action.

Doe Individual v. Doe Corporation Settlement: $2 million

Action against corporation and stock transfer agent for failure to transfer stock certificates in a timely manner following a merger.

Schluep v. J. + R. Gunzenhauser A.G. Verdict: $1.145 million

Breach of contract action based upon failure to honor exclusive distribution agreement for plumbing products.

Meruelo v. Marcus & Milichap Verdict: $1.3 million

A fraud action against a real estate broker by a client.

City of Glendora v. Burke, Williams & Sorensen Settlement: $935,000

Legal malpractice action involving failure of a law firm to advise adequately to a governmental entity regarding land use issue.

Botez v. Hertzfeld & Ruben Verdict: $900,000

Trial involving legal malpractice and conflict of interest over real estate development in Romania.

Holman vs. OCWEN Financial Services, $10.3 million Binding Arbitration Award

Breach of contract and fraud involving sale of loan origination business.

Doe City v Doe Law Firm Settlement $8 million

Legal malpractice action involving the failure to adequately prepare transactional documents on behalf of Government Entity.

Cedars Sinai Medical Center v Mitchell, Silberberg & Knupp: Confidential Settlement

Legal Malpractice Action regarding the failure to timely file a patent application relating to an improvement to laser eye surgical procedures.

Hulett v. AEG Concerts, LLC On Appeal

In the 1960's, legendary concert promoter Tom Hulett created the "Concerts West" service mark which his children inherited as part of a family trust upon his death. Plaintiffs allege that they were defrauded out of the mark's value when the trustee and two former Concerts West employees formed a new Concerts West entity in Las Vegas without their knowledge and then later sold it to AEG Concerts for a substantial sum of money.

Lepire v. AON Corporation Pending

The plaintiff developed a unique insurance product called SafeLease and gave Swett & Crawford exclusivity to broker the product. In turn, they hired him as a consultant to generate business and agreed that he would retain the intellectual property ownership rights to SafeLease. Swett and Crawford's parent, Aon Corporation, then hired the plaintiff, learned all about the plaintiff's product, including his marketing strategy, then fired the plaintiff. Aon and its business partners are now selling the same product under a different name.

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