Fire Loss Claims

Taking Action in Fire Loss Insurance Claims

A fire to a home or a business is a traumatic, devastating event. Even if no one is harmed, a fire can make any property uninhabitable. As you go about rebuilding your life, you depend on your insurance company to live up to the terms of your insurance policy for which you have long been paying premium dollars. Too often, insurance companies are less interested in adhering to the terms of their agreement, and much more interested in looking for ways to minimize their exposure or deny coverage altogether.

If your insurance company is unreasonably denying or delaying payment on your claim, it is crucial that you enlist a lawyer who will work tirelessly to hold your insurance company accountable. The law firm of Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, represents businesses and individuals across Southern California and beyond in bad faith insurance claims.

After a fire, your insurance company may engage in all kinds of unconscionable actions. They may unreasonably delay payment of your claim, preventing you from overcoming this loss. They may undervalue the scope of your losses. They may even insinuate, or outright accuse you of starting the fire yourself.

These types of actions can make your eventual recovery from the fire much harder than it needs to be. At GB&W, our Southern California fire loss claims lawyers will review the evidence and make a comprehensive claim for all of your damages caused by your insurance company’s malfeasance.

When you work with our law firm, your claim will have instant credibility with the insurance companies. Stated simply, our firm’s reputation precedes us. We have a history of achieving outstanding results in bad faith insurance claims. Our law firm will compile all evidence of bad faith practices and make a demand against your insurer for all of your damages. If your insurance company is unwilling to live up to the terms of your policy, we will make a strong case on your behalf in the courtroom.

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