Successful Business Litigation Attorneys in Los Angeles

When fraudulent and deceptive practices hurt the business interests of individuals, professionals or corporations, Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, has the knowledge and experience to assert their legal rights and to help clients recover just compensation for the harm to their business interests.

Our business litigation achievements encompass the full range of commercial wrongdoings including:

Accounting malpractice
Business disputes
Contract disputes/Breach of contract
Idea theft
Real estate litigation
Securities fraud
Unfair business practices
Insurance bad faith
Intellectual property
Trademark infringement
Service marks
Trade secrets
Copyright infringement

For GB&W’s business litigation clients, we draw upon our renowned trial skills, deep financial resources and reputation for successfully challenging corporations and business leaders.

An alternative to hourly rates: As contingency-fee attorneys, we offer an alternative to the hourly billing method used by corporate law firms. Our compensation is based upon our clients prevailing.

Corporate and legal opponents know about Greene Broillet & Wheeler’s successful achievements in business torts. Many of our business and corporate clients are referred to us by major international law firms that may have a representative conflict of interest. To referring attorneys, we negotiate favorable referral fees when permissible by law.

Business Torts Team

Our business litigation practice team, composed of attorneys, business paralegals and investigators, is highly experienced in battling major corporations and corporate law firms. Many of our lawyers are members of the Association of Business Trial Lawyers and have served in leadership positions.

Business Trials

While it is common for business cases to settle before reaching a courtroom, our attorneys know that maximum recovery is obtained by preparing every single case for trial. And trying cases is what we do best.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler attorneys enter the courtroom prepared, armed with a gladiator’s resolve and tenacity, and decades of successful case outcomes.

Our lawyers’ outstanding trial skills allow them to cut through the complex nature of business fraud and corporate malfeasance. They persuade juries by helping them fully understand the injury suffered by a company or an individual. By making complex business issues readily understandable, Greene Broillet & Wheeler optimizes results for clients.

To discuss your legal issue, please contact our office. Located in the Los Angeles area, we represent clients throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.