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Daily Journal Top Verdicts Features Police Excessive Force Lawsuit Won by Attorney Greene

policeman standing next to police car

Daily Journal “Top Verdicts” features the “largest and most significant verdicts” in California. Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP is honored to announce a recent February 2023 edition featuring a $5 million jury verdict in a federal police excessive force lawsuit handled by Attorney Browne Greene, with Attorney Daniel Balaban as co-lead counsel.

Attorney Greene represented Mickail Myles of San Diego. One night, when Myles was heading home with his younger brother, he was pulled over by deputies who had mistaken him for a misdemeanor suspect.

Myles pulled his car over to the curb, and then the deputies commanded him at gunpoint to open his driver's side door, exit the vehicle, raise his hands above his head, face away, and walk backward toward the deputies. Myles was then bent over the back of a sheriff's vehicle, arrested, beaten, and bitten while being held down by two deputies.

An investigation uncovered that Deputy Banks had a long history of “questionable” reactions to and interactions with young male minorities. Records show Banks was involved in at least seven excessive force incidents since 2015. Despite this history, he had never been reprimanded or investigated by the police force.

When considering the damages owed to Myles, the attorneys focused on how the attack damaged his happiness and outlook on life more than tangible financial losses. They cross-examined a San Diego County expert on damages, who testified that the police brutality likely forever changed who Myles was due to the traumatic nature of the attack.

Ultimately, a jury returned with a $5 million verdict in Myles' favor, which would go on to be recognized by the Daily Journal's “Top Verdicts” in California.

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