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3 Ways Employers Can Prevent Construction Site Accidents

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Construction site accidents are startlingly common. In an effort to reduce these incidents, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires employers to provide a safe and hazard-free work environment and to take several measures to protect workers. These measures include the following:

#1. Train workers in a language everyone understands.

The first step to workplace safety is adequate training. To ensure that everyone on the job site knows how to identify hazards and use equipment properly, it’s vital that training materials be provided in a language every worker understands. This may require employers to print training materials in several languages or to hire bilingual presenters.

#2. Provide adequate safety equipment.

Construction workers, and other industrial workers, face a wide variety of hazards on the job. Employers must provide adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as hard hats, gloves, goggles, and more to protect workers from falls, moving objects, electrical shocks, and more.

#3. Establish an easy way for workers to report issues.

Employers must keep records of work-related injuries and illnesses. Workers should have access to these records so they can learn about dangerous objects or areas on the job site. Additionally, employers should establish an easy way for workers to report any hazards such as leaks, instabilities, and more. Employers must take these reported issues seriously and mitigate them as soon as possible in order to ensure workers’ safety.

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