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Fatal Wreck Kills 1 and Leaves 5 Injured


A horrible crash on the southbound 5 freeway left one person dead, injured five people and left four cars damaged from the wreck. The circumstances are known, but there are still plenty of questions as to why one of the vehicles was stopped on the freeway.

But let’s take a step back. A vehicle was stalled out in the carpool lane, leading to another vehicle striking it. This caused a chain reaction crash, as the vehicles went spiraling into the freeway. A police vehicle that was carrying multiple inmates got wrapped up in the collision, hitting one of the vehicles and setting it ablaze. The person inside of the car that caught fire was killed. A fourth vehicle ultimately got wrapped up in the crash.

The crash happened around 3 a.m. and there are still plenty of questions about the crash. Why was the vehicle stalled? Why did the vehicle that struck the stalled vehicle not notice the upcoming issue? Were there any negligent or dangerous conditions involved in the wreck, such as speeding or distracted driving?

The police are investigating the crash and there will certainly be more to learn about what exactly happened on the 5 last week.

Serious and fatal car accidents ruin lives. The people that survive these crashes often have injuries that impact their routines, their ability to work, and their ability to live a fulfilling life. If negligent circumstances were involved in such a crash, the victims should consider personal injury litigation to hold the reckless people responsible for their actions.

Source: LA Times, “CHP begins reopening lanes on southbound 5 Freeway after fatal, multi-car crash in Sun Valley,” Joseph Serna, Sept. 15, 2017