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Fatal Wreck Leaves Many Injured

An accident in Orange, California left one person dead and many others with injuries. The details are still coming in with this story, as investigators try to figure out exactly what happened. What we know at the moment is that one car tried to merge onto the westbound lanes of Highway 22. For some reason, the vehicle kept plowing across the lanes and eventually collided with three other vehicles.

Two people suffered what were called “major injuries” and had to be hospitalized. Three other people suffered minor injuries but were still hospitalized as a precaution. One person was killed in the accident. It is still unclear, at least according to the information provided in the article, which vehicle caused the crash.

The police will investigate this matter further and come out with their report soon. Until then, all that can be done is speculation about the circumstances of the crash.

Accidents like this that involve many different vehicles can be insurance nightmares in the months that follow. Shared liability is often utilized, whether fatal circumstances were involved or not, and it can lead to the victims of the wreck having a lot of questions about their coverage and how the shared liability will impact them.

Adding in the fatal circumstances, this can lead to a tremendous need for legal help. The victims of any fatal accident, or their loved ones, should discuss their case with a personal injury attorney to make sure all of their questions are answered.

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