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Wrongful Death Suit Filed After 21-Year-Old’s Swimming Pool Death


Relatives of a 21-year-old man who drowned in a Los Angeles swimming pool have filed a wrongful death lawsuit. The incident happened in July 2015 on property owned by actress Demi Moore. The Hollywood starlet, however, was not at home when the accident occurred.

The tragic drowning happened during a party thrown by the house manager of the luxury estate. The house manager is named as a defendant in the lawsuit. Moore, on the other hand, was not named as a defendant.

According to court papers, the deceased man warned partygoers he couldn’t swim after arriving at the event. Nevertheless, the party involved drinking alcohol, difficult to negotiate walkways and an unlit pool that didn’t have a marked deep end. Court papers further indicated that the backyard where the party happened had decorative rocks and poor lighting which created a tripping hazard. Parents of the young man have requested unspecified damages in their lawsuit.

Moore, who was out of the country, en route to meet up with her daughters, said that she was in absolute shock after receiving news of the accident. She referred to it as an unthinkable tragedy and she sent her heart out to family and friends of the man.

Unfortunately, swimming pool deaths can happen when property owners host parties at residences with pools. If someone trips and falls, and especially when drinking is involved, there is always the chance of serious injury. As such, property owners in Los Angeles are legally obliged to keep their properties free and clear of potential hazards that could result in a drowning tragedy. Failing to do so could result in a property manager or property owner being held financially liable for damages related to the incident.

Source: New York Daily News, “Family of student who drowned in Demi Moore’s swimming pool in 2015 files wrongful death lawsuit,” Nancy Dillon, Feb. 22, 2017