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What Should I Ask Before Choosing a Rehabilitation Facility?


Following a serious spinal cord injury, California patients will be rushed to the hospital for treatment. Once the injury is stabilized, however, patients may be taken to a rehabilitation center where they will continue to recover and get better. However, not all rehab facilities are the same — some may not have the facilities you require. They’re not the same quality either.

In order to identify the most appropriate rehab center for your needs, patients should ask the following questions:

  • Is this rehab center experienced with treating your condition and/or diagnosis?
  • How many patients with your condition does this rehab center treat per year?
  • In terms of location, how far away from family is it okay for your rehab center to be?
  • Does your rehabilitation center offer the most advanced therapies?
  • Does the rehab center regularly service patients in your age range?
  • What’s the patient-to-staff ratio at the rehab center in question?
  • Does the facility have an accreditation status?

Los Angeles spinal cord patients need to keep in mind that the costs associated with receiving care at a rehab facility are extremely high. In fact, they would be entirely unaffordable for most people, which is one of the reasons why we have health insurance. Los Angeles residents who suffered spinal cord injuries in accidents caused by another driver’s negligence may also be able to seek money to pay for their rehab facility costs by holding the at-fault driver liable in court.

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