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Road Congestion Comes With the Return to School

Kids are heading back to school in droves, and it means one thing on the streets and highway of Los Angeles: even more road congestion.

First and foremost, school buses will be back on the roads, stopping to pick up children all over the district. Some kids will be riding their bikes to school or just walking. Others will carpool or get rides from their parents, who will rush to drop them off before heading to work.

All told, there will be a lot more vehicles on the roads, and a lot more pedestrians. Since many of these pedestrians are also children, the chances of an accident will increase.

Drivers are urged to take steps to reduce this risk. For one thing, slowing down can help tremendously. Drivers need to remember that school speed limit zones, which may not have been used in the summer, will now be back in effect.

In addition, drivers are encouraged to obey the rules when dropping kids off, even if it gets chaotic. Parents should not double park just to find a spot near the doors. At the same time, though, they shouldn’t drop kids off in places where they’ll be exposed to increased risk — such as letting them out on the other side of the road.

Furthermore, drivers need to be aware of where pedestrians will be walking. When coming up to an intersection, for instance, they should not block a crosswalk, which can force those in the crosswalk to go around the vehicle, stepping out of that safety zone.

While these tips are useful, the reality is that the school season is going to bring about accidents, both between vehicles and pedestrians. When this happens, parents of children who are injured need to know if they can seek compensation for medical bills, medication, rehab and more.

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