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Car Accident Claims 1 Life in North Hollywood

Everybody in Los Angeles knows how dangerous L.A. traffic is. Nevertheless, we brave the traffic every day to go to work, take our kids to school and meet friends for a night on the town. Sometimes, we brave this traffic as drivers, and sometimes we brave it as passengers. As passengers, we want to make sure that we’re riding with a driver we trust.

Unfortunately, in a recent car crash that happened in mid-May, one Los Angeles passenger lost her life. The crash occurred in North Hollywood, and it doesn’t appear to be the fault of the driver with whom the deceased female passenger was riding. Their vehicle was hit by another driver who — according to police — was intoxicated.

The crash happened during early morning hours, a little before 1 a.m. The car in which the female victim was riding was hit on the passenger side. The driver survived, but not without hospital care.

As for the intoxicated male driver who struck them? He tried to flee the scene, but a good Samaritan was able to detain him until authorities arrived. Police arrested the driver on the suspicion that he was driving while intoxicated. Authorities did not indicate whether he was intoxicated by alcohol or drugs.

This accident is clearly a tragedy — particularly because it may have been avoidable if the DUI driver had acted more responsibly. If you or your loved one has been hurt or killed by a drunk driver in Los Angeles, you may have the ability to pursue financial compensation for your injuries in civil court via a personal injury claim.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “1 Killed, 1 Hospitalized In North Hollywood Car Crash; DUI Driver Arrested,” April 12, 2017