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Breakthrough Spinal Cord Treatment Helps Man Walk

The Mayo Clinic announced that it has achieved great strides in spinal cord treatment. Through the use of electrical stimulation and physical therapy, the Mayo Clinic has helped a paralyzed man stand. He was even able to move his legs and complete step-like motions. It was the first time he’d moved like that since his paralysis three years ago.

The 26-year-old man suffered a spinal cord injury three years ago. He was paralyzed from the middle of his back down. The diagnosis was a motor complete spinal cord injury.

During 22 weeks of physical therapy sessions three times a week, the man worked to build his muscular strength so that his body could stand if the muscles were given the appropriate stimulation. The next step involved the implantation of electrodes under the injured part of his spinal cord. Then, a computer-controlled apparatus was installed under his skin. This resulted in the patient being able to consciously move his muscles.

After two weeks of practice and therapy, the man was able to move his legs and create step-like motions with support, while on his side. He could even stand by himself with the aid of support bars. Interestingly, although the muscular control was not perfect, his brain was again able to send signals through his spinal cord. The doctor in charge of the project said that the man continues to improve.

If you suffered a spinal cord injury in California, this article will likely be great hope to you and your recovery process. However, advanced spinal cord therapies are expensive. As such, California car accident victims may want to investigate the pursuit of a personal injury lawsuit to seek financial compensation to pay for their medical care.

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