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1st and 10: Part One of Our Look Back at Our Top 10 Football-Related Posts

With Super Bowl XLIX fast approaching, we decided it was a good time to look back at 10 of the football-related posts that have appeared on our blog. You may find yourself asking “How is football relevant to a blog on injury law?” That’s a fair question. The answer – football and other sports have high incidences of traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, and other life-altering injuries. As a firm dedicated to fighting for those who are injured or recklessly put in a position to be injured, we believe these football-related injury issues are closely tied to our work and our mission. We invite you to read these posts and see more of this connection for yourself.

Our first five featured blog posts on this topic include:

  • Risk of Sports-related Concussions Not Limited to Football Players: Comparing how other sports (such as basketball, soccer, and cheerleading) can also lead to concussions, and how concussions are not limited to males who participate in sports.
  • Ravens’ safety on brain injuries: “I don’t want [my son] to play football.”: A look at comments made by Baltimore Ravens’ safety Bernard Pollard.
  • Football Brain Injuries: Remembering Junior Seau: A recap of the medical research and legal fallout that occurred in the wake of the death of former San Diego Chargers star Junior Seau.
  • 10-Year-Old Football Bounties And Brain Injuries: Reviewing allegations that a South California youth football team was incentivized to hurt opposing players under a bounty program.
  • Athletes’ rights in jeopardy in California: Discussing proposed legislation (which was eventually passed soon after this blog was posted) that would limit the ability of non-California-resident football players and other athletes to seek California workers’ comp benefits.

Check back later in the week for the remaining entries in our rundown of football-related blog posts.