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Caitlyn Jenner Makes News Again, This Time for Fatal Car Accident


By now, the public is accustomed to hearing news involving Caitlyn Jenner. The former Olympic star is well-known for her ongoing transformation from male to female. However, this time the media has a different focus in its stories about the personality and it is likely one that Jenner wishes would go away.

Last February, Jenner reportedly rear-ended another vehicle, pushing the car into traffic. The accident occurred on California’s Pacific Coast Highway and resulted in the death of one woman.

According to reports, the deceased woman’s car was struck by Jenner from behind causing it to veer into oncoming traffic. The woman was then struck head-on by an SUV resulting in her death.

The SUV contained a family of four and an additional passenger. Reportedly all of the people in this vehicle suffered serious injuries, including a one-month-old baby.

Now, the family in the SUV is seeking a lawsuit against Caitlyn Jenner for negligence in Los Angeles Superior Court. This latest personal injury lawsuit is accompanied by separate lawsuits filed by the family of the deceased victim and the driver of a different automobile involved in the car accident.

According to investigators with the sheriff’s office, Jenner was traveling at unsafe speeds for the traffic conditions at the time of the accident. A publicist for Jenner declined to comment on this recent development, although Jenner did express sympathy for all involved shortly after the accident occurred.

The filing of this lawsuit against Caitlyn Jenner reveals the importance of holding those who have inflicted injury or death through negligence responsible for their actions. It only takes determined family members, a will to persist and help from a personal injury attorney to seek compensation when harmed in a wrongful manner.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “Caitlyn Jenner sued over fatal Malibu crash,” Associated Press, Dec. 05, 2015