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2 Women Killed in California Car Accident


A two-vehicle accident has claimed the lives of two women outside of Los Angeles. The car crash happened in Willowbrook on a recent Friday afternoon at approximately 5:30 p.m. The cars involved in the collision were a Kia Sorrento SUV and a Jaguar.

The Kia Sorrento driver was a 20-year-old man from Lynwood. The Jaguar was being driven by an 84-year-old California woman. Also inside the Jaguar was an 82-year-old female passenger. Tragically, the female passenger died at the accident scene. The driver was taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save her, and she was also pronounced dead approximately four hours later.

The Los Angeles County Fire Department transported two other victims of the accident to the hospital. The condition of the 20-year-old Kia driver is unknown at this time, but it appears that he may have survived the collision.

It does not appear that the surviving Kia driver has been charged with traffic violations relating to the car accident yet. However, this could change depending on the results of police investigations. As of last reports, authorities were continuing to investigate this fatal car accident.

Depending on the facts relating to an accident, the police may find that one or the other drivers in a two-car crash was in violation of a traffic law leading up to the collision. Such evidence could help to support any personal injury claims or claims relating to wrongful death. Regardless of what police investigations reveal, though, injured victims and family members of deceased victims of any kind of car accident may wish to perform their own investigations into an accident to determine if an automotive defect, bad road conditions or another driver’s negligence may have contributed to a fatal crash.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, “2 Dead In Willowbrook Car Crash,” Aug. 07, 2015