Kaiser Worker Accused of Wrongful Death in Stabbing

A janitor who was acquitted on criminal charges in connection with the stabbing death of a California man may face civil repercussions as a result of his actions. The worker, employed by a contractor for California’s Kaiser Permanente hospital group, is accused of killing the victim after an altercation in late March 2012. The victim’s mother is accusing the man, his employer and Kaiser of wrongful death in connection with the case. The man was acquitted of voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter in connection with the slaying.

Authorities report that the janitor inflicted at least three fatal wounds on the victim after that man punched him. The victim was a transient who stayed near the Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center, where the stabbing occurred. The defendant is accused of becoming involved in the physical altercation after asking the victim to leave the premises.

The defendant also reportedly notified Kaiser security personnel that he intended to inflict violence upon the victim, according to the civil suit. The security company is accused of failing to restrain the defendant from returning to confront the victim. Official documents related to the wrongful death suit indicate that security officers failed to notify police that a violent incident was imminent. The victim’s mother asserts that those workers should have called 911.

In addition, the victim’s mother alleges that the defendant violated employment policies from both his direct employer and Kaiser by choosing to bring a weapon onto the medical center’s property. Kaiser and the security company should have been aware that the defendant’s job required him to disassemble boxes using a box cutter or pocket knife, which would make him more dangerous than other workers at the facility.

In this case, the woman is seeking compensation for her legal costs and other damages.

Even though the defendant, in this case, was acquitted in a criminal court, he may still be subject to penalties through the civil system. Family members of wrongful death victims can seek justice through the civil courts if they find that criminal proceedings do not yield adequate punishment for the perpetrators of violent crimes.

Source: www.courthousenews.com, “Woman sues Kaiser over her son’s stabbing death” Tish Kraft, Nov. 01, 2013
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