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Drunk Driver Gets 23 Years for Role in Fatal Crash

A driver from Sacramento has received a severe penalty for his role in a fatal car accident in 2012. The man may also face wrongful death civil claims in connection with the incident.

The 23-year-old will spend 23 years to life in prison after causing one death and one serious injury. He had previously been convicted of misdemeanor charges for DUI in other cities. As a result, the judge in the case was required to follow a specific sentencing guideline and had little discretion in choosing the length of the punishment. The second-degree murder case alone yielded a sentence of 15 years to life.

Authorities report a jury convicted the man in mid-May of second-degree murder, along with gross vehicular manslaughter and various drunk driving charges. The man’s blood alcohol content at the time of the accident was 0.18 percent. The California state legal limit is 0.08 percent. Reports from the accident show the young man was driving after celebrating his friend’s 21st birthday. That individual suffered crippling brain injuries in connection with the crash.

Investigators said the man was traveling nearly 90 miles per hour when he launched his car off a ramp in Woodland. The car swerved off the side of the road, rolling over several times upon striking the ground below. Only the driver remained in the vehicle during the crash; the other two victims were thrown from the car. One victim was declared dead at the scene of the wreck.

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