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21-Year-Old Woman Killed in Chatsworth Car Accident

One person was killed and another injured in a traffic accident in Chatsworth on Monday.

The car accident occurred near the 11100 block of De Soto Avenue around 6:30 a.m. Police believe that a 21-year-old woman lost control of her vehicle and collided with a delivery truck. The collision sent her vehicle spinning into oncoming traffic, where she was struck again. She was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead a short time later. The driver of the delivery truck was also hospitalized, but his condition is not known.

Authorities have said the accident remains under investigation. A witness said she thought it seemed like the woman was chasing a white vehicle that was just ahead of her, but police have not commented on that claim.

We do not know what caused this particular accident, but frequent causes of car accidents include distracted driving, intoxication or negligence on the part of one of the drivers. It is certainly true that there are some accidents in which fault cannot be pinpointed, but it is equally true that there are many in which it is either clearly someone’s fault or a jury can decide where the blame lies. This can be important because many people who are hurt in car accidents or have loved ones die in tragic crashes choose to file lawsuits to seek compensation for lost wages, loss of income, pain, and suffering and/or medical expenses.

Of course, it would be better if the accident never occurred in the first place, but lawsuits seeking those types of recompense can at least help make a bad situation not as terrible as it could be.

Source: The Los Angeles Daily News, “21-year-old Simi Valley woman killed in Chatsworth crash,” Susan Abram, May 14, 2012