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Peg Perego Recalls Defective Baby Strollers


Peg Perego recently announced plans to recall hundreds of thousands of defectively designed strollers. The recall impacts approximately 223,000 strollers which do not meet industry safety standards. Children can be caught between the stroller seat and tray table and be strangled.

A six-month-old California boy was killed due to the defective design of the strollers and one New York girl was nearly strangled as well. The stroller manufacturing industry revised its manufacturing standards in 2008 to prevent similar strangulation accidents from happening.

Strollers sold under the Venezia and Pliko-P3 names fall under the recall. These strollers were sold by major retailers throughout California between January 2004 and September 2007 according to the Associated Press.

Parents who have the defective strollers are urged to discontinue using them and call the manufacturer for a repair kit. Parents whose children have been injured by the defective strollers should contact an experienced personal injury attorney to discuss the possibility of filing a product liability case.

Recalled Pliko-P3 Stroller Model Numbers

  • IPFR28US34
  • IPPF28NA32
  • IPFT28NA63
  • IPPF28NA57
  • IPFT28NA64
  • IPPF28NA65
  • IPP328MU10
  • IPPF28NA66
  • IPP328MU09
  • IPPF28NA67
  • IPP328US09
  • IPPF28NA68
  • IPP328US10
  • IPPO28US32
  • IPP329US10
  • IPPO28US34
  • IPPA28US32
  • IPPO28US62
  • IPPA28US33
  • IPPO28US69
  • IPPA28US34
  • IPPO28US70
  • IPPD28NA34
  • IPPO28US71

Recalled Venezia Stroller Model Numbers

  • IPVA13MU09
  • IPVA13MU10
  • IPVA13US09
  • IPVA13US10
  • IPVA13US32
  • IPVA13US34
  • IPVC13NA32
  • IPVC13NA34
Source: MSNBC, “Hundreds of thousands of strollers recalled for strangulation risk,” July 24, 2012