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Fast and Fatal: Woman Killed in Street Racing Accident

Popular culture has done a lot to create a romantic image of street racing. However, Hollywood does not do an adequate job of pointing out how dangerous racing really is. A recent wrongful death incident in Los Angeles involving street racing demonstrates the incredible amount of danger involved in the activity.

Racers were speeding uncontrollably through the streets of the Boyle Heights area in the very early hours of the morning. The drivers were originally racing on the freeway but took their activities to local roads. Speeding through a red light, the racers struck an innocent woman’s car. A fiery scene erupted from the wreckage. Emergency personnel were forced to remove the woman from her vehicle; however, efforts to save the woman were unsuccessful, as she was pronounced dead on the scene.

Two suspects involved in the crash attempted to leave the scene but were captured by police. Cops are still looking into the details of the incident, but by all appearances, the woman who passed away was not involved with the racing. She unknowingly stumbled upon dangerous streets.

Frequently, we hear about accidents resulting from inattentive driving, but this incident looks to be the result of recklessness. Roads can only be safe when everyone exercises caution, but that expectation, unfortunately, does not meet reality. It’s tragic when others suffer as a result of other people’s irresponsibility.

The victim’s family will now be mourning their unexpected loss. They will lose quality time they could have spent with her, had she not been involved in this horrific accident. Families dealing with the painful loss of a loved one, due to the negligence of another person, may be able to seek compensation for what they have lost. Those who are dealing with the grief of a wrongful death should consider seeking trustworthy legal advice.

Source: KABC-TV, “Innocent victim dies in alleged Boyle Heights street racing crash,” John Gregory, Feb. 10, 2012