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MTA Bus and Metro Blue Line Train Crash in Downtown L.A.

Dozens of commuters were sent to the hospitals after a serious Los Angeles transit accident Monday morning. The crash occurred shortly before 7 a.m. on Monday when the Metro Blue Line hit an MTA bus. The accident happened at the intersection of Washington Boulevard and San Pedro Street in downtown Los Angeles according to KABC-TV.

“The whole train just kind of shook real hard,” said a passenger on the Blue Line train. “They slammed the breaks on the train I was in, and we all hit ourselves and they told us we had to get out.”

“Everybody went into chaos,” another train passenger said. “They slammed the brakes pretty hard so that’s when we knew.”

Fire department spokespeople said that most of the injuries appear to be orthopedic. “The chief complaint was neck and back pain,” an assistant fire chief told reporters.

Estimates of the number of people injured range from 32 to 48 with most of the injuries occurring on the train. There were around 60 people on the bus and 200 train riders involved in this crash.

Authorities are still trying to determine whether the train or the bus was at fault. Safety lapses leading to mass transit accidents are common throughout the country despite awareness that so many people rely on buses and trains to get to work every day.

“The Blue Line is one of the most important lines in the country,” said a Metro spokesperson. “We carry around 80 to 85,000 people every single day, so the impact is really huge for the public.”

Source: ABC 7 News, “Los Angeles Metro Blue Line and MTA bus collide near downtown,” Aug. 27, 2012