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Firefighters Save Man With Burn Injuries From House Fire

Fires are dangerous and can cause an immense amount of damage to its victims and their property. Burn injuries are very painful and cause both physical and emotional pain for the victims. Recently a house fire caused life-threatening burn injuries to a man. Although this incident did not happen in California, house fires have the potential to occur in any area.

Local firefighters responded to an emergency call at approximately 4:27 p.m. The emergency call requested firefighter assistance for a house fire. The house that was on fire was a multifamily house and had multiple residents in the house. Two of the house residents were able to flee from the house without injury, but one resident was trapped in the burning house.

After the firefighters arrived at the location of the house fire, they were able to extract one of the residents from the house and carried him down an exterior stairway. The man extracted by the firefighters suffers from burn injuries that were categorized as life-threatening and he continues to be in critical care in a local hospital.

It has been determined that the fire started in one of the rooms in the house, but the cause of the fire is still being investigated. It was reported the house fire was not the result of criminal activity but could still have been caused by negligence. Although there may not be any criminal culpability for the house fire, the victim may still be entitled to damages related to his burn injuries.

Burn victims incur physical, emotional and financial damages from what are considered very serious and painful injuries. The victims may be entitled to financial recovery for the damages that are caused by another’s negligence.

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