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Disabled Woman Suffered Spinal Cord Injury at California Concert

A concert at the California venue the Hollywood Palladium was a night one attendee will never forget. The plaintiff of a recent lawsuit, who chooses to remain anonymous, suffered from several personal injuries, including a spinal cord injury as a result of an altercation that occurred at the concert.

The plaintiff had been in the VIP section of the California venue to see the concert. The plaintiff alleges that while she was in the VIP area, Johnny Depp’s bodyguards physically removed her from the concert venue and caused the injuries.

The plaintiff claims that when she reentered the VIP area the bodyguards did not allow her access and told her to use a different entrance. The plaintiff told the bodyguards she was disabled and the bodyguards then permitted her to enter.

At the time of the incident, the woman had a disability that required her to walk with a cane. Later, the bodyguards grabbed the plaintiff without warning, physically restricted her and restrained her wrists. The bodyguards dragged the plaintiff to another area in the building and forcibly took her cell phone. The plaintiff eventually returned to her seat and the bodyguards approached her again, grabbed her and handcuffed her in a forcible manner.

The plaintiff claims the bodyguards pulled upwards on the handcuffs, dragged her on the floor, removed her pants and forced her out of the building. The plaintiff claims she incurred a back injury, spinal cord injury, a dislocated elbow and nerve damage as a result of the bodyguard’s actions.

The plaintiff filed a lawsuit with multiple claims against Johnny Depp — who employed the bodyguards — and the Hollywood Palladium. The plaintiff claims she cannot work as a result of the incident and seeks unspecified damages.

Source: Opposing Views, “Handicapped Woman: Johnny Depp Told Bodyguards to Attack Me,” April 18, 2012