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California Grandmother Dies Outside of Yorkdale Elementary School

Los Angeles residents are calling for safety enhancements to a local intersection after a serious car accident that left one woman dead.

The Highland Park intersection of Meridian Street and Avenue 57 was the scene of a fatal accident last Friday. Authorities say that a 52-year-old grandmother was struck and killed by a car while walking her grandchildren to school.

Three elementary students were injured in the crash in addition to their mother and grandmother, NBC Los Angeles reports. The grandmother died in the hospital about two days after the crash.

Local residents told reporters that the intersection could use crossing guards. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation has ordered a traffic survey to be conducted to determine whether crossing guards are warranted.

The accident happened right outside Yorkdale Elementary School, where the injured children were students. Authorities say that the children have non-life threatening injuries.

The introduction of crossing guards may not have prevented this accident however. A preliminary investigation revealed that an 87-year-old driver lost control of his vehicle after his foot supposedly got “caught on the gas petal.”

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