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Rain causes dramatic spike in Los Angeles car accidents

Inclement weather is one of the primary drivers of Los Angeles area car accidents.

Many drivers fail to take the proper precautions during heavy rain such as slowing down and minimizing distractions while on the road.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Thursday’s rain showers caused an 81% jump in the number of Los Angeles highway car accidents.

Similar spikes in car accidents occurred during heavy rain periods in early October.

Crashes increased 55% on October 9th and 10th when compared with the dry period of the prior week.

The most recent bout of rain may have contributed to two fatal crashes in Pasadena last Thursday. One crash involved three semitrucks at the junction of eastbound 210 Freeway and the 134 Freeway. Another crash involving a single truck happened on eastbound 210 at Sierra Madre Boulevard. That accident blocked three lanes of traffic.

Speeding during rainstorms is the primary reason why drivers lose control of their vehicles. Most drivers have to drive well below the posted speed limit to avoid hydroplaning and to give themselves adequate time to stop.

“Slow down,” said CHP Officer Marcelo Llerena. “Give yourself more time, more distance.”

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