Santa Monica Taxicab Injury Lawyers

Although taxis are common carriers and therefore are required to provide the highest duty of care for the safety of passengers, anyone who has ridden in a taxi can tell you that is not always the case.

Taxi drivers are notorious for speeding, sudden and unsignaled lane changes, racing through yellow (and even red) lights, and driving while distracted by car phones and cell phones. The taxi vehicle itself can sometimes be the problem if it hasn’t been properly maintained or if there is a defect in the taxi vehicle itself.

If you were hurt as a passenger in a taxi, as a driver or passenger in a vehicle that was hit by a taxi, or you were hit by a taxi while walking or biking, you are in for a fight. Get experienced legal help from a Los Angeles taxi accident attorney with a proven record of success. Contact the Santa Monica taxicab injury lawyers at Greene Broillet & Wheeler to schedule a free initial consultation.

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, is consistently ranked among the top law firms in California by Lawdragon Magazine, Best Lawyers in America, Southern California Super Lawyers and the National Law Journal. We’ve achieved this level of recognition because of the skill and resources we bring to every injury case, and the results we achieve in court.

We Know Where to Look and What to Look For

We have handled taxicab accident cases for decades. We understand the dynamics of vehicle accidents and how to properly investigate auto accident cases. Furthermore, we are leaders in the area of auto product defects (see our auto defect website ). The investigative and engineering experts we can bring to your case are unparalleled.

But there is an additional challenge in most taxicab accident cases: insurance and liability. Many taxi companies play a shell game with insurance so filing a claim against a taxi company can quickly become a nightmare.

Don’t be discouraged. While it may seem that the company has minimal insurance, we won’t know if that’s true until we establish ownership of the taxi company and identify all possible insurers. We may be able to go after a parent company.

Whether you were hurt in a Yellow Cab, or by one of the many independent cab companies operating in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California (green cabs, blue cabs), our legal team will quickly investigate your case, gathering witness statements and, when appropriate, data from the vehicle’s tracking system. All of this evidence can be invaluable.

Get an experienced attorney on your case today. Contact a Los Angeles taxi accident attorney at Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP.