Compensation for Burn Injury Victims

Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP, obtained the largest single plaintiff’s personal injury verdict in California in a products liability case involving a burn injury. We recovered a record $58 million on behalf of a man who suffered severe burns because of a defective O-ring.

That record-setting case is one of numerous multimillion-dollar verdicts and settlements we have obtained for clients in burn injury claims.

Our attorneys have prevailed in burn injuries caused by defective productsauto defects, motor vehicle accidents, electrical accidents, construction accidents, industrial accidents and dangerous equipment and machinery.

Burn injuries are among the most painful type of injury anyone can endure. They can require multiple surgeries, including plastic surgery. Even then, the remaining scars can last a lifetime.

Types of Burn Injuries

  • Thermal burns from hot objects and flames
  • Scalds from hot liquids
  • Chemical burns and associated fumes from caustic chemicals and combinations of chemicals
  • Explosions can occur in car accidents, construction site accidents and in industrial settings as well as at home
  • Electrical burns from defective products or failure to follow proper lock out/tag out procedures

Whether your burn injury occurred when a defective gas tank exploded after a car accident or because of faulty wiring in an electrical product, you can rely on our lawyers to maximize the amount of your catastrophic injury claim.

To discuss your burn injury case, please contact Greene Broillet & Wheeler, LLP. We represent severely injured clients in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California and the entire state. We also consult with attorneys and clients nationwide.