Railroad Crossing Accidents

In Southern California, trains and light rail often exist alongside cars, pedestrians and bikes. Where traffic and trains cross paths, collisions can be deadly. Most train crossing accidents are the result of problems with traffic sightlines or with warning systems:

  • Can cars and trains see each other? What is the traffic configuration?
  • Are traffic signals tied in with train crossings, minimizing the chance that a car or truck could be on the track at the wrong time?
  • Is the warning system working properly? Are the lights illuminated so they are clearly visible at any time of the day or night? Is the crossing gate working?
  • Has the warning system been properly maintained? Have the grounds around the train or light rail crossing been maintained?

These and other factors need to be investigated any time an accident with injuries or fatalities occurs at a train or light rail crossing.

If you were hurt in a railway crossing accident involving a Metrolink, MTA, Blue Line or Red Line train, get experienced legal help from a law firm with a record of successful results and an investigative team up to the task. Contact a Santa Monica train crossing accident attorney at Greene Broillet & Wheeler to schedule a free initial consultation.

It’s particularly important to work with lawyers who understand the unique areas of railroad and mass transit law. The federal government has a specific set of regulations that cover railroad crossings and the maintenance of railroad crossings. The railroad company or municipality is immune from liability if it followed those guidelines and met its statutory requirements.

In order to bring a successful case, your lawyer needs to understand federal pre-emption. If the case is presented incorrectly when filed, you could be prevented from bringing your case.

Our firm has a long history of effectively bringing railroad crossing accident cases to court. In just the past few years our firm has handled three crossing accident cases, including a case involving a San Diego trolley.

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